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I just talked to Pauline on the phone, she says the picture is of her finding chicken eggs in the corn.

If you know any additional info that should go with the pictures, please mail to me.

Pauline Miracle
My name is David Thompson and I appreciate any photos or comments. My address is: 13692 E. 12000 N. Rd., Beecher, Illinois 60401

They will be returned. More pictures on Balkan website: previous Edition.

Balkan Incline to Mine
This is the Balkan School as I remember it, when I attended in 1953. I use to walk the tracks and go down to the school.
4th Coal Photos
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June 26, 2007
Balkan School
The Walters House
Thanks to Pauline and Cleston Miracle of Kettle Island , Ky for photos and info.
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