Special thanks to the hard working miners 1910 - 1954 & families who lived at Balkan, Ky

1940 Census starting at School

as House Census #1

Balkan by 1940 Census


Census #1

James Hobbs  miner

Jack Johnson

Otis Hobbs

Noah Shelton Truck Driver

JW Wright

Isaac Moses

Dave Johnson

Lewis Shores

French Simpson

Walter Lowe

Bill Brock

Eudis Miracle

AB Jones

Lewis Lee

Chester Cox  Taxi Driver

Henry Cox Miner

Charles Carmany

Conles Carmany

EB Collier

Lenoy Bennett

Orville Blaxton

Walter Sharp

Walter Hobbs

Charles Miracle

Beedie Sparks  Maid

Robert Roe

Louis Roe

William Lunsford

Theodore  Miracle

Elvin Miracle

William Carter

Lawrence Raines

Jefferson Spanks  Black smith

Henry Spanks

Vergil Spanks

Archie Gambrel

Addison Bloomer

HE Bloomer  Sawmill operater House 29 pg4

Grant Scott ,  Timber laborer

Ona Martin  Loader

Michael York 

Sherman Ellis

William Main

Martha Oliver  Maid

Bill Cunningham

Raymond Cunningham

Leamon McKinney

Charles Good

Willie Mason

Oscar JUones

JH Fields

Henry Jump

John Jump

Hazle Ellis

Earl Howard

CE Halstead, Foreman Lumberyard

Felix Halstead Labor Lumberyard

Wesley Jump

Haney Jump Labor Lumber yard

Virgil Howard

Isaiah Brock,  Fireman Lumberyard

Dewey Proffit, Lumber yard

Kay Mark,  Wood Cresoter

Durel Hill

Dillard Brock

Dan Parker

Alfred Wilder Lumber Labor

Myrtle Wilder Mail Messager

Doyle Wilder, Lumber

Hobert Hoskins

Roy Akers

Marie Hubbs , Maid

Otis Dorton

Fred Dorton Farm

Alfred Dorton, Farm

General Runions

William Howard

George Howard

Larkin Saylor

Herman Saylor

James Jones

George Brown

Pg 9 House 62

Bennie Brummett

Rufus Brummett

Stonewall Howard

Leland Cox

George Bungans  New Worker

Abbraham Simpson  Mechanic

Boyd Howard , Bus Driver

Vincent Howard , Machine Man

Wille Hammonds, labor

Lloyd Asher , coal loader

William Wight

Jay W Wight

James  Meredith

Brit Saylor

Louise Brown

Cecil J  Saylor

John Saylor Farm Labor

Dewey Brummett

Boyd Greene Farm Laborer

CB Seancy

Gilbert Hensley


Larkin Hensley

Mack Robinson

Lela Adams  , Maid

John Dyer

Clana Lee , Servant

Robert Britton

John Cox

Andrew Young

Raney Brackett

James McQueen

Jake Blunt

Oscar Pradd

George Young

Charlie Zellors

Earnett Dixon

William Smith , Store Janitor

Taft Farmer

Everett Sandefur

Link Ingle

Clifford Hoskins , Motorman

Hubert Wilder

Berry Helton

Gabe Hoskins

Clayton Hoskins New worker

Charles Hoskins , new worker

Herman Ferry

Alfred Allen

Mannie Robertson

Jay Wyatt

Britt Runions

Granville Delph

Bradley Delph

Frank Delph

Pg 14 House 101

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