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Coal Country 2009-55 meg

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Coal Country 2009

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Bell County Rails

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Div of Abandoned Mines

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Balkan Photo Book made up for my mother,
Vivian D. Wilson for mothers day 2009
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Kentucky Coal Miner

Rogers World

Methane Page
Pioneer Tunnel
Appalachia Photos***
Ky Mine May 2006
Ky Coal ***
Kentucky Coal Miner
Roger's World-Coal
Wheelwright pics***
Ky Digital Library
Russell Lee Photos
='' Miner="Miner" w="w" Pipe High Resolution Lee pics

Methods of Deep Mining

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Balkan Scrip

Click the photo above for low resolution pdf for review. I made up a Balkan Photobook of snapshots enlarged for Pauline Bailey Miracle and had it printed. If you want a copy mailed to you, it is $40.00 priorty mail. Click Donate to get copy.
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