Balkan Photo Book
made up for my mother,
Vivian D. Wilson for mothers day 2009
the web version is a pdf file, click here.
Pat L. provided this excellent Balkan pic.
Buddy P. and Balkan boys playing with dog 1940s
Balkan Schoolwide photo 1940s, if you know the exact year let me know. Click picture for larger version. Note larger picture will zoom in one click.
David (Wilson) Thompson 7 years old
Some favorite Links
Underground song
Kentucky Coal Miner-Roger Philpot gallery pics
Underground video made 2009
Russell Lee Pictures of coal field
Balkan Home Why
Miners Day
Balkan Pond Hollow Bell County Ky History and Genealogy
Dry Branch
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   Images © David Thompson - 2012
Photos 50 plus years old private pictures intended for viewing pleasure
To honor a working American community
Click Janets picture to see bigger on
Kids playing in upper end playground
Barton Girls, click for larger pic
Pat on the Boardtree swinging bridge in 1960s
More Baseball and fun in sun
Randy B. and Sister #36 glare corrected
Chester L. with glare correction
Ruby Childers on right
Balkan upper end housing
Grandpa Lawson
First Commissary 1910 to 1920
Click for larger picture
Children waiting to play horseshoes
next to house #40 Randy's provides names
Balkan lower end housing and school
Bob & Jessy Bentley
at Weight House (Scales) with mancar landing in background click to see larger version
Click the photo above for low resolution pdf for review. I made up a Balkan Photobook of snapshots enlarged for Pauline Bailey Miracle and had it printed. If you want a copy mailed to you, it is $40.00 priorty mail. Click Donate at bottom of page to get copy.
August 17, 2013