David Thompson
Personal Data

David M. Thompson
13692 E 12000N, Beecher, Illinois 60401


Grades 1through 12, West Bloomfield Schools, Orchard Lake, Michigan
B.S. in Bus. Ed. from
*Central Michigan University 1970
M.A. in Guidance Counseling at
University of Detroit 1974

*Illinois Guidance Certificate

Montana Folio

Dates Place Responsiblities Supervisor Recommendation
1998-2002 Sheldon High K-12 Tech Coor/Guid Bob Young retired *LHafstrom(815) 429-3293
1985-1998 Beecher High K-12 Tech Coor/Guid. Ray LaPorte Dean Brown rec.
1979 - 1985 Iroquois West HS Counselor Mr. Campbell & Mr. Phillips *Gilman recom.
1977 - 1978 Red Bird High Counselor Mr. Collins
1975 - 1977 Hubbard Trail Jr. 7-9 Counselor

Mr. Bevan

Gary Vann,Soc.Worker

Crete experience

Last Update Thu, May 26, 2011

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Letter of Interest

I am writing to personally inform you that I am applying for the position of High School Counselor .

I would like to take this opportunity to try to further my career as well as broaden the scope of my responsibilities and administrative knowledge within guidance with a more focused area of duties.  It is my hope that my rapport with teachers, administrators, parents, and students and my past record of counseling successes will cause you to give my application serious consideration.

I look forward to an opportunity to discuss with you the continued vision for your students and our mission as educational leaders.

Respectfully submitted,


David Thompson
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