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Car's Auto, Pigeon Forge

I had an accident in Lexington and travel on to visit relatives in SE Ky. I ask for repair recommendations for the area and Shillala Garage was recommended. I visited with the owner Mr. Barnett and was impressed with his knowledge of auto repair. The shop is next to the Cumberland Gap National Park and is a small auto shop with adjoining Auto Recycling lot next door. I contacted the Lexington repair shop, major regional resource and decided I would pay towing to bring my car to a small rural repair shop. The big shop quoted large sum to get started, more than towing. Mr. Barnett did not let me down and I had an opportunity to visit one of the nations prettiest parks. I have visited the Hensley Settlement in the Park via Tours available at Park main office. The Park uses Shilalah to name the wonderful natural scream that comes down in the mountains in background. What a bonus!
4626 Highway 217, Middlesboro, KY 40965
My favorite Creek called Shilala by some

National Park calls it Shilalah

Comes from Ireland

Shillelagh (club or walking stick

Google on Shillelagn

Best reference says Shillala

OldShillelagh in Ireland