Walking the rails home from school

One day as we walked home from school, we were walking on the railroad tracks going toward the commisary and met Papaw Wilder (Mommy's Dad) and he said, " Well, you almost lost one of your sisters today. He said Mommy would tell us about it when we got home. Mommy said that she heard Faye calling for her and she found Faye holding on the the rim of a rain barrel that was filled with water. Mommy had boards over the barrell and evidently Faye was standing on a board and fell into the barrel. She had managed to keep her head out of the water. Not sure of her age, she was not old enough to go to school. She probably was 4 years old.

Donna's Stories
Father: Noah Barton

Mother: Gladys Barton







House #37

Dorothy, Donna, Florine, Faye, Jean Barton
Faye Barton (Hill) in front of her Balkan home, next to Mountain looking more like House #37 location on the Balkan by the numbers map.
Hazel Wilder Nelson Chester Wilder Gladys Wilder Barton
Noah Barton showing his car 1920s
Aunt Lezette Barton Vanover
with Squirrels
Noah Burton in town
Noah Barton looks tired
l to r..Jean Barton Florine Barton Dorothy Barton (1948)
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