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Off the Wall pictures
Father-Monitor operater Harry Lee Jackson

Wife Nellie Jackson

Son Colin Jackson

Daughter Peggy Jackson

Milford Davis visiting his sister Nellie Davis Jackson at Jacksons on top near the Monitor & Mancar that Harry Lee Jackson ran.
Colin Jackson is the little guy on Milfords lap.
In 1953 Harry Lee Jackson moved us to Keego Harbor, Michigan. Harry Lee and Nellie lived on Nagel Court and had a mission started in his garage. Later the mission bought property on Cass Lake Road and became Keego Harbor Baptist Church. We had three buildings in begining, one was used for a church and in 1959 bonds were issued through SBC to build the new building in upper right hand corner of above banner. The Wilsons from Cass Lake Rd attended, Graves from Cass Lake Rd , Thompson and Jackson families were faithful attenders. Thank God for Keego Harbor Baptist folks!
The Jacksons loved the Balkan Baptist Church and loved worship.
Harry Lee Jackson graduated from 1933 Bell County HS
Colin Jackson, Charlene Wilson, X, David Thompson, Diane, Ronald Brown 1964 Wedding Keego Harbor Baptist Church
Balkan Scouts
1930 Bell County Ky Census
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