David &Char deep snow
Char, David and Kathy
Herman Wilson in Airboure uniform
Made up for my mother 2006
Click for larger pic.
This pay stub was given on month of my oldest sister birth January 1948. Photo taken of picture on wall at Balkan School with one of my colorized pictures for background. Have no clue who give it to School.
Father: Herman Wilson

Mother: Vivian Davis Wilson

Son: David Wilson Thompson

Sisters: Andrea Charlene Wilson

Kathy Gale Wilson

David, Hollis Nelson and Char Color
Left Hollis Nelson--Charlene Wilson,David & MacArthur Williams
Peggy Jackson, David, Blackie and Vivian Davis Wilson
Papaw and Mamaw Davis in backyard
Gerry and Leon Davis
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Febuary 13, 2012