James Calvin Hoskins & Kathy Wilson
Gege's Childhood Memories
by Georgia Mink

The Hoskins family came from England around 1820.(David Hoskins Kentucky Kinfolk indicates that Hoskins left England around 1699) Some of them served in the Queen's court and were given the title of "Sir". They were rather wealthy. When they landed in Virginia, they became plantation and slave owners. They were influenced by the Elizabethan era which was evident in my mother's generation. It was difficult for her to witness morality degenerating in her lifetime. I was expected to live by a high moral standard. To her, it was not acceptable for anyone to sink into a low intellectual or moral state. She was the disciplinarian in her household and I had to respect that.

My mother got married when she was sixteen. A fact she tried to avoid discussing. According to her pictures, she was a beautiful, petite lady, with a good figure. She had black hair, beautiful brown eyes and a lovely complexion. She gained a lot of weight years later and lost some of that youthful glow after having had nine children. Mom was an elegant lady with a sweet loving personality. During her busy life, she began her day by being well groomed before anyone saw her.

She didn't have the luxury of participating in fun games some she even thought were sinful. Mom was thoroughly proficient in her responsibility of managing a home and finances, This involved countless chores since my father had to be away from home much of his life.
(He worked in the Balkan Coal Mines leaving the Hances Creek homeplace before daylight and returning after dark.)

Mom's life was her message. She genuinely loved everyone and was convinced they loved her too. I never heard her say an unkind word about anyone.

Until she died at the age of 93, she remained a proud, loving lady, always sharing a faith that never weakened. In one of Lindsey's sermons on God's love, he referenced Mom's uncommon love for others. What an honor to a remarkable lady!

In remembering my mother I think of Proverbs 31: 10-31

My parents were Primitive Baptists but also supported other denominations.

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Picture of Family during World War II
Davis Homeplace during 40s
Malmaws father James Calvin Hoskins -1954
Grandpa Jeams-J.C. Hoskins' children -around 1954
Malmaw and father around 1945
Malmaw dressed up 1945
Lum Greene Cemetery
Hoskins Cemetery
Balkan Cemetery
Hances Creek Map

Balkan (Coal Mining Town), Kentucky

Balkan School
Balkan Coal Tipple
Balkan Miner Homes
David, Kathy & Charlene at Balkan-1952