During World War II-Davis family

(Georgia is third from right in backroll)

William J Davis
Gege's Childhood Memories
by Georgia Mink

My earliest memory of my dad was helping me get my shoes laced. His hands were huge and had the appearance of an outstanding athlete, which he was. He had the stature of an athlete; characterized by a large frame, large chest, and powerful muscular development. Throughout his life, he was engaged in various sports with an emphasis on baseball. His position on the team was that of a pitcher since he had a strong left arm. I was also encouraged to be athletic. On our small farm (built 1927) I played baseball, volleyball, basketball, croquet, horseshoes, and marbles.

I spent most of my leisure time during the winter months playing cards with my dad. My dad introduced us to this game when we were six. I also remember playing "fox and geese" on a cardboard using shelled corn. The only book I had access to was a primer when I began school. Since electricity came to us years later(1954 when road was put in), television was unknown to us until many years later.

During the fall months, I helped harvest the crops. Looking forward to the
*molasses "stir offs" was another exciting time for me. My dad came alive at those events. A huge platform was built and the entire community was invited. He played an accordion and also called sets for square dancing. This continued until the wee hours of the morning.

Dad was an intelligent man with a lot of native ability. In spite of extreme hardships in his early life, he remained the same gentle, kind man that I had always known. He was confined to a wheelchair the last five years of his life. I never detected any bitterness or self pity.

Until the end of his life at age 89, he was often surrounded by young people enjoying him in a card game or watching baseball games. He also was an avid reader. He read the Bible through several times. History and sports came next.

Until the end of his life, he remained a wonderful, adorable man. I was privileged
to have him for several years.

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Picture of Family during World War II
Davis Homeplace during 40s
Malmaws father James Calvin Hoskins -1954
Grandpa Jeams-J.C. Hoskins' children -around 1954
Malmaw and father around 1945
Malmaw dressed up 1945
Lum Greene Cemetery
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Balkan (Coal Mining Town), Kentucky

Balkan School
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Balkan Miner Homes
David, Kathy & Charlene at Balkan-1952

*Molasses is a liquid by-product of sugar refinement.