DH Griffith
Balkan 1952, neighbor Jim Rector

Dionicious Hobert Griffith was called "D.H." or "Nish" by his friends but his siblings
called him "Denny".
D.H. Griffith was born in Balkan's Pond Hollow in 1923 to Alva and Grace Bowen
Griffith. D.H. Griffith and his family moved to Board Tree in 1941. D.H. Griffith
worked in the Balkan mines starting in the 1940's and until Balkan closed.
DH Griffith also worked for Roosevelt Miracle in his mining operation at Tee Jay.

In June 1952, D. H. Griffith, Eula Faye Griffith and David Miracle moved to Balkan from
Board Tree where they had lived at the end of the Board Tree swinging bridge.
D.H Griffith wanted to live where he could walk to work.
Their neighbors in Balkan were Tom Nelson, John and Ethel Treboldi, Jim and Dora Rector.
Stealie Griffith and family lived below the tracks near the Steve Sturdivant family.
When the Balkan mines closed, D H Griffith and family moved to Middlesboro but
D.H. Griffith was hired at a saw mill on Tom's Creek in Balkan and we moved back
to Balkan in 1954. In 1957, D.H. Griffith moved to Board Tree where he worked for Roosevelt Miracle. D.H Griffith, also, worked in a mines in Wooten, KY. Then,
D.H Griffith worked at Tenn Flake in Middlesboro until it closed. D.H Griffith retired in
1985 while he and Eula Faye Griffith were living in Mt. Sterling, Ky.

Dionicious "DH" Griffith - b 30 Apr 1923 Balkan, KY - d. 5 March 1995 Pineville
Eula Faye Hubbard Miracle Griffith - 26 Dec 1927 Kettle Island - 10 Nov 2008 Lexington

Dionicious Hobert "DH" or "Nish" Griffith
Eula Faye Hubbard Miracle
Married - 29 Mar 1953, Tan Yard Hill by Rev. Henry C Hubbard II
Orville John

Eula Faye Hubbard was first married to Cecil Miracle who died in 1948.
Cecil Miracle
Eula Faye Hubbard
Married - 8 Mar 1947
David Miracle
Eula Faye Hubbard Griffith- wife
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