Coal Miner going home End of long day
LeJunior Mine, Harlan County 1946
Coal Miners Day 1920 to 1930s
After work on porch with family. before wash at home LeJunior-No worksite washing, must go home to work in 3 foot tub.
Eating with family in kitchen, after wash. Straight Creek
On Saturday visiting Balkan Commissary
Leaving Coal mine
Coal Miner checking in on Board
Walking into Mine AM
Pickers pulling slate from coal
Drilling "Face" to place charge of dynamite
Hand shoveling coal onto the coal car
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In hospital for 28 months after slate fall Black Mountain
In Harlan Hospital due to slate fall
Mine accidents reports
Slate Fall bad end!
Our hearts are broken and we are sorry for all of our lives!
Packing the charge
Undercutting the coal, before blasting coal above
Undercutting machine-better
Do you know how dark it is in there?
Do know what this picture would look like, with camera lighting and this miners light on? Scarry dark!!!!!!
Why does the miner have such a smile? He made it another day and he has seen the light!
Pretty picture? Look close, Blain Sargent(miner) from Harlan's Lejunior mine has finished a hard hard day of work and is so dirty his wife put a towel down for him to sit on. And if you look really close, his slacks are wet. What kind of job does allow a person to go when he needs.
Why is this miner smiling so big? He made another day and is happy to see things , breath fresh air and feel air moving around him!!!!!
This operation provides a locker room for miners to put "bank" cloths on and take off. It the Inland Steele Mine in Wheelwright, Ky. This is not common at the time.
The band of brothers (miners) sitting on Commissary porch. It is probably Saturday.(Blain from LeJunior)
Miners son in middle of picture, probably High School and he is a Senior. They indicate he plans on going to college.(Fain son)
Inside church 1946, Harlan County
Setting Sunday dinner 1946, note this is one of the daughters Fain (miner from Wheelwright)
In Kitchen of miners house, probably LeJunior Coal Company
Inside Wheelwright miners house 1946
On porch of Blain Sargent LeJunior mine
The cameraman has Fain (Wheelwright) doing everything, laying rail, prepping blashting and loading. Not normal for union mine.
LeJunior Commissary. note wood siding
Under the Coal Tipple, anywhere
Blain Sargent, LeJunior, Harlan County looks zoned out tired
Coal Mine foreman's house
This young wife is cleaning the porch, probably LeJunior, Harlan 1946
Miners loading up for trip to Mine, Harlan County 1946 -trip might be 3 miles or 30 miles. my grandfather rode 30 miles by taxi to work.
Blain Sargarents Daught is blind, had to move away to attend a Blind school in Lexington area. She is pumping water in 1946, note 4 year old sister who helped her find pump.
Blain Sargarent's wife doing her laundry the old way. That is washing and hanging out cloths on a line. In modern days that requires a automatic washer and dryer.
No words!
Slate Fall Survivor treatment 1946
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