Claybourne Clay Hubbard worked in the Balkan mines begining in 1932 and he lived
in Pond Hollow, next to last house opposite the pond. His next door neighbor in the
last house in Pond Hollow was Alva and Grace Bowen Griffith. James Bowens and his
family lived across from Alva Grace Bowen Griffith. James Bowens house backed up
to the pond. Claybourne Hubbard worked in the coal mines and he also made
furniture. Claybourne taught Stealie Griffith how to make furniture and this is how
Stealie Griffith met Claybourne's oldest daughter, Effie "Mae" Hubbard. Stealie Griffith
and Mae Hubbard were married in 1938 in Balkan.
During the depression, Claybourne would come from the mines, eat, take a nap
behind the stove. After his nap, he would go back to the mines and work another shift.

Claybourne Clay Hubbard
Myrtle Johnson - 6 Nov 1896 - 13 Oct 1929
Married: April 18, 1916 Bell Co, KY.
Effie "Mae" Hubbard married Stealie Gurther Griffith
Orville Clay Hubbard married: 1. Pauline Catron; 2. Ora Howard
John Calvin "J C" Hubbard married Lillian Lefevers
Eula Faye Hubbard married:

1. Cecil Miracle; Son David Miracle
2. Dionicious Hobert "DH" or "Nish" Griffith
After Myrtle Johnson Hubbard's death on October 1929, Claybourne Hubbard married
Ethel Lasley.

Claybourne Clay Hubbard
Ethel Lasley
Marriage: 1930, maybe Harlan Co, KY
Children: James Mitchell, Martha Beatrice, Frances Ellen, Rosie, Lola Deloris, Brenda Sue.
Martha, Frances, Rosie and Lola were born in Balkan's Pond Hollow
Frances Ellen Hubbard was born and died in Balkan's Pond Hollow in 1937 and she is
buried in the Balkan Cemetery in unmarked grave to the left of the old main gate, not
far from John Frank Bowen and his son Booster.

Rev. Claybourne Clay Hubbard died preaching in the Board Tree Church on June 23, 1946.
Claybourne was smothering and having chest pain so people carried him outside where a Sailor tried to render medical assistance. Claybourne said, "Just let me go."
Sermon: Oh, What a Beautiful Beautiful Day That will be
Claybourne Hubbard lived near Kettle Island when he died in 1946.
Besides Balkan, Claiborne C Hubbard had worked in Insull, Kettle Island and other
mining towns in Bell County, Ky

D. Miracle

Claybourne Clay Hubbard original
Claybourne Clay Hubbard with color
Myrtle Johnson Claybourne Clay Hubbard
Effie Mae 1918
Claybourne Clay Hubbard 2nd wife Ethel Lasley with daughter Brenda Sue 1945
Claybourne Clay Hubbard Ethel Lasley 1945
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