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Vivian D. Wilson for mothers day 2009
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Balkan Schoolwide photo 1940s, if you know the exact year let me know. Click picture for larger version. Note larger picture will zoom in one click.
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Edna Mae Foley passed away January 5, 2013 at 81 years old Knox County Registered Nurse preceded in death by husband, 1995
Charles Hodge from Facebook says:
Labor Day From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

When I think of Labor Day, I think of the Working Man/Woman and what better describes Balkan's people. Hard working people practicing the American Dream by improving our lives and our childrens lives.

Is there any doubt that our families have improved their lives and childrens lives.

It is why we celebrate Labor Day with the Balkan Reunion. May God bless everyone that had a dream and was part of the Balkan history. DMT

Kentucky Coal Miners 1940s
When I think of Bell County, I think of the "Kentucky Smokies"
For those living in the Kentucky "Smokies" life has always been a challenge with limited employers and almost non existant good paying jobs.

The exception has been businessmen like T.J. Asher who in the early 1900s built a railroad to a remote coal mining site called Balkan, against the recommendations of a major railroad company. That company said it could not be done.

The railroad provided good paying jobs for rural people of Bell County and good paying coal mining jobs. At one point coal miners were paid the best wages in the County.

Asher leased his land to the Coal company or operators and in this case the first for Balkan was Southern Mining Company.

The people that were employed by the company are a special people who wanted better for their families. They are a special people that worked hard and rose to the challenge.

The coal industry experience its hay day and slow days, due to the fact that coal sales is based on the demand. The slow days could be long. as during "The Depression".

Some would focus on the relationship between the "company" and the miners.But I would prefer to focus on the people and how they worked together to survive in slow times

Balkan had a population of around 1000 people at the height of coal production.

During slow times, when workers had minimum work hours, gardens plowed and were used extensively. Farm animals were raised on community cleared land and housed in farm buildings.

The last slow time came in the 1950s with miner hours cut to the minimum, workers started moving to northern states that provided a better pay and opportunity.

Special for Barbara Griffith Prater and Kathleen Griffith Wilder.

Title: The Spring of Life

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