Balkan Photo Book
made up for my mother,
Vivian D. Wilson for mothers day 2009
the web version is a pdf file, click here.
Some favorite Links
Underground song
Kentucky Coal Miner-Roger Philpot gallery pics
Underground video made 2009
Russell Lee Pictures of coal field
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Photos 50 plus years old private pictures intended for viewing pleasure
To honor a working American community
Cardinal Coal Camp
Wasioto Ky Fox Ridge Arjay Camp
Bell County Coal Camps Brownies Creek Primitive Baptist Church
TJ Asher Family Red Bird -Stoney Fork
Four Mile Camp Colmar Coal Camp
Logging Memorial Bell County Coal Mines
Varilla Cubbage Kentucky
Brownies CreekTinYardMathelNorth Favorite Video
Big Jim, Blanche, Ky All Bell County Historical Facebook
BlackmontInsulBlacksnake area Kettle Island, Kentucky All
Callaway 1910 census Railroad Workers Black Star Alva All
Arjay, Kentucky All Russell Lee Pictures of coal field-1946
Little Creek All Cary All
Logmont Straight Creek, Jensen, Mill Creek All
Ferndale 1930s Excelsior-Low Ash
Brownies Creek Page -Hances Creek
Chenoa -1920 Hignite-1920
Fonde All 1940 Pruden All 1940
Hensley Settlement
Balkan Area Links
August 17, 2013