Special thanks to the hard working miners 1910 - 1954 & families who lived at Balkan, Ky

as 1940 Census


Eugene Davanport

Arthur Childers , motorman Ruby Childers, wife
Billie Childers
Jimmie Childers

Robert Smallman

Pearl Smallman
Buck Williams

Harry Bryant

Elaise Bryant

Barbara Ann Bryant

D A Brogan

Eva V Brogan

Agnes Brogan

Opal Williams

George Ward

John Duff Miracle

Dora Miracle

Clarence Miracle

Hobart Miracle

Orbin Miracle

Wm McFarlan

Ethel McFarlan

Opal McFarlan

Claud McFarlan

Ralph McFarlan

Joyce McFarlan

Billy McFarlan

EO Lowery Dec. 1935
Micha Lowery
Laura Lowery
Clayton Lowery
Glendon Lowery
Isabell Lowery
Allen Edwards

Josie Edwards

Thelma Edwards

J R Prater
Anna Bell Prater
Patricia Prater

Harold Nelson

Cristine Nelson

Barbara Nelson

Mary Nelson

Brider Edred Nelson

Bradley Pittman

Lydia Pittman

Henry Pittman

Sarah Pittman

J B Pittman

Lester Pittman

Ed Fultz

Marcellus Fultz

Cristine Fultz

Harold Fultz

Craner Hodge

Hazel Hodge

Wayne Hodge

Arnold Nelson

Hazel Wilder Nelson

Clyde Carver

Leonard Wilson

Lucy Wilson
Orval Wilson
Warden Wilson
Ethel Mae Wilson
Sim Wilson
Edna Wilson
Balkan Home Why
Miners Day
Bell County Coal Camps
Lawrence Hightower
Frances Hightower
Norma Sue Hightower
Evylyn Hightower

Evylyn Hubbard

Brit Miracle

Matilda Miracle

Leonard Miracle

Layton Miracle

John D Miracle

Si Polly

Mossie Polly
Brown L Polly
Gracie Polly
Arnold Polly
Wanda Polly

J M Miracle

Creed Pursifull

Strother Long
Laura Long
Benj Long
Strother Long
Florence Long
Bobby Long

Lester Sutherland
Nancy Sutherland
Lester Sutherland
James Sutherland
Leroy Sutherland
Tom Sutherland
Mary Sutherland
Bester Sutherland
Nellie Sutherland
Willie Sutherland
Myrtle Sutherland
Lily Sutherland

John Sutherland
Maudie Sutherland
Dilliard Sutherland
Earl Sutherland
Elsie Sutherland
Charles Sutherland

Boyd Allen

Allie Allen

Marie Allen

Ray Allen Allen

Dan Miller

Maud Miller

Geraldine Miller

Joyce Miller

Paul Miller

Joseph Veyne Miller

Dan Miller

Helen Miller

dm Wm Miller

George Ridner
Celia Ridner
Betty Marie Ridner
Rogers Ridner
Steve Ridner
Viola Ridner
Dan Ridner
Geo Ridner
Albert Ridner
Homer Owens , Motorman
Evylyn Owens , wife
Clifford Owens
Vermont Owens
Billy Owens

Charles Childers
Jean Childers

Osear Miracle
Katherine Miracle
Lena Miracle
Geneva Miracle
Wilma Jean Miracle

Gilbert Riggs

Clenice Riggs
Elmer Riggs
Jeannette Riggs
William Riggs
William A Riggs

Dan Allen

Sally Allen
Abe Allen
Edith Allen

Hubert Cornelius

Muriel Cornelius

A M Wilder
Debbie Wilder
Clifford Wilder
Audeno Wilder

Rose Miracle

Robert Hightower
Ruby Hightower
Mabel Hightower
Irene Hightower
Glendon Hightower
Anna Lene Hightower
Doraldine Hightower
Betty Joe Hightower
Mary Sue Hightower
Theodore Hightower

Harold Whittle

Vine Whittle

Dorothy Whittle

George Lawson

Elizabeth Lawson

John Bert Lawson

Charles Lawson

John Edwards

Louisa Edwards
Samuel Edwards
Roy Edwards
Mary Edwards
Herman Edwards

Victor Green

Irene Green

Elizabeth Green

Herman Martin

Allie Martin
Keith Martin
Kenneth Martin
Joyce Martin

Joe Wilson

Edith Wilson
Betty Ann Wilson
Clyde Wilson

John Owens

Bertha Owens
Edward Owens
Pauline Owens
W C Miracle
Rody Miracle
Willys Miracle
Lois Miracle
Ted Miracle
Ivan Miracle
Warden Miracle
Carlie Miracle

Guy Green

Mattie Green
Curtis Green
Faye Green
Joyce Green

McKinley Pittman

Sarah Jane Pittman

Burchel Hoskins

Mary Hoskins

Mae Jean Hoskins

W B Cox
Belle Cox
James Cox
Roy Cox
Gladys Cox
Orville Cox

Victor Miracle

Ethel Miracle

Wanda Lou Miracle

Dexter Miracle

George Edwards

Lucy Edwards

Geo Edwards

Henry Green

Mae Green
Gladys Green
Carrie Green
Vick Green
J C Green
Haze Green
Ethel Green
Henry Green

James Bailey

Minnie Bailey
Harold Bailey
Pauline Bailey

Ike Wilson

Jenny Wilson
Sillus Wilson
Clint Wilson
Herman Wilson
Milliard Wilson
Eugene Wilson

A B Wilder

Isabell Wilder

Cherter Wilder

Alton Cheek

Jeo Cheek
J C Cheek
Gladys Cheek
Justine Cheek

Tilman Riggs

Linda Riggs

Rebecca Riggs

Nancy Riggs

Jack Dersini

Mary Dersini

Johnny Dersini

Margaret Dersini

Jack Comparoni

Pete Comparoni

Jim Comparoni

H A Lucy

Mattie Lucy

Johnny Lucy

Charles Busseni

Annie Busseni
Virgie Busseni
W W Busseni
Lucy Busseni

John Treboldi

Ethel Treboldi
Chas Elma Treboldi
Joyce Marie Treboldi
Lucy Treboldi
Warden Miracle
Katherine Miracle, wife
Lucy Faye Miracle
Jo Ann Miracle

J R Prater

Mirna Prater

Bill Prater

Effie Prater

Warren Prater

Jack Martin

Martin Miracle
Nealis Miracle
Pauline Miracle
Charles Miracle
Alonso Miracle
Lorene Miracle
William Miracle

James Rector
Dora Rector
Marie Rector
Hazel Rector
Thelma Rector
Betty Rector

Joseph Comparoni
Veronica Comparoni

J H Catron

Carrie Catron

Edward Catron

Carrie Sue Catron

Ann Lon Catron

Hilary Money
Roda Money
Henrietta Money
Pauline Money
Shelby Money
Nancy Money

C Rosconi

Albert Suppo

Rose Suppo

John H Meen

Ethel Meen
Melvin Meen
William Meen
Everett Meen
Ralph Meen
Leon Meen
Irene Meen
Sorine Meen
Reta Meen
George Cornelius
Jan Rose Cornelius
Delorie Cornelius
Virgil Cornelius

Patricka Riggs
Ruby Riggs
Charles Riggs
Curtiss Riggs
Frances Riggs
Rebecca Riggs
Ollie Riggs

Alva Griffith , miner
Grace Griffith , wife
Beatrice Griffith
Venicient Griffith
Ovie Griffith
Eveline Griffith
Clarence Griffith

O C Hubbard

Pauline Hubbard

Wanda Mae Hubbard

Janice Hubbard

Buster Pursifull

Reba Pursifull

Creed Pursifull

Otto Pursifull

Steely Griffith

Effie Mae Griffith

J C Hubbard

Rufus Mills
Lily Mills, wife
Helen Mills
Rufus Mills

John Bowen
Stella Bowen
Clifford Bowen
Roy Bowen
Ralpoh Bowen
Marie Bowen
Eva Bowen
Lucile Bowen

Paul Goin

D C Brooks

Virgie Brooks

Virginia Brooks

Harry Brooks

Pearlie Bunch

John Bunch

Beaulah Bunch

Kale Ingle

Wenefred Ingle
Theodore Ingle
Kale Ingle
James Ingle

John Nelson

Elizabeth Nelson
John Nelson
Ruth Nelson
Pauline Nelson
Fred Rector

Reva Rector

Doris Rector

Lois Rector

Dewey Wilder

Nancy Wilder

J B Wilder

Novella Wilder

Fred Wilder

Milliard Hoskins

Angline Hoskins

Christine Hoskins

Louise Hoskins

Ross Hoskins

Hobart Hoskins

Sadie Hoskins

Bobby Jean Hoskins

Betty Lou Hoskins

Bill Keen

Bertha Keen

Cecil Keen

Mitchell Keen

Maudy Keen

D S Massingale

Delpha Massingale , wife

Vernon Massingale

George Anna Massingale

Milliard Wilder

Clara Wilder
D V Wilder
Fuston Wilder
Dock Wilder
Abe Wilder
Ella Wilder
Earl Wilder
Joe Robert Wilder
Harley Wilder
Maudy Ellen Wilder

Milt Jackson

Audrey Jackson

Milt Jackson

Kitty Jackson

Linda Jan Berry

Octavia Berry

Garrett Wilson

Rachel Wilson
Sarah Wilson
Richard Wilson
Gidson Wilson
Sarah Wilson
Mossie Wilson

M R Webb

Lelma Webb

Allery Webb

M R Webb

Charles Webb

Loretta Webb

Champ Wilson

Mealy Wilson

Rosear Wilson

Mary Wilson

Fuson Gilbert

Max Gilbert

Alma Gilbert

Irene Gilbert

Sarah Gilbert

Noah Bruce
Maudy Bruce
Oveda Bruce
James Bruce
Juanita Bruce
Edward Bruce
Noah Bruce
Rosa Lee Bruce

John Douglas
Alice Douglas
Agnes Douglas
Leonard Douglas
Dilliard Douglas
Floyd Douglas
John Lemar Douglas
D C Douglas
Wilma Joan Douglas
Vivian Douglas

Shirley Nelson

Mildred Nelson

Paul Everett Nelson

David Nelson

Dixie Smallman

Sarah Smallman
Ray Smallman
Charles Smallman
Hean Smallman
Betty Jean Smallman
Edward Smallman

Dewey Miller

Belle Miller
Lizzie Miller
Mylas Miller
Mary Miller
Deway Miller
Marie Miller
Gladys Miller

Matt Cornelius

Mabel Cornelius

Joyce Ann Cornelius

Gerald Ed Cornelius

Mary Cornelius

Dan Miracle

Cora Miracle

Joseph Miracle

Ima Jean Miracle

Edmar Miracle

Louis Hubbard

Madly Hubbard
Willie Hubbard
Clarence Hubbard
Bessie Hubbard
Evell Hubbard
Tom Hubbard
Dora Hubbard

Daway Wulbern

Marie Wulbern

David Wulbern

Helen Wulbern

George Goley

Celia Goley
Haze Goley
Almara Goley
Jim Goley
Dora Goley
Loretta Goley
Alfred Goley
R G Goley

H H Lawson

Ottie Lawson , wife
Jessie Lawson
Edna Lawson
Ford Lawson
Lois Lawson
James Lawson
Chester Lawson

Lester Vanover

Lezette Vanover, wife
Lula Bell Vanover
Liles Bell Vanover
Earwat Vanover

Elbert Rogers

Laura Rogers
Elbert Rogers
Raymond Rogers
Monroe Rogers
Omer Cheek
Ruby Cheek
Darling Cheek
Mary Lou Cheek
Albert Cornelius
Lora Cornelius
James Cornelius
Doris Cornelius
Gene Cornelius
Barbara Cornelius
Lillian Rose Cornelius

Albert Nelson
Lillian Nelson
Nina Nelson
Frank Nelson
Clarence Nelson
Maxine Nelson
Browine Nelson
Staley Nelson
Rose Nelson

Ed Dilson
Bessie Dilson
Rose Dilson
Auvie Dilson
Barbara Dilson
Sherman Nelson
Mary Nelson
Tina Lee Nelson
Eudina Nelson

Emerett Baird

Clifford Baker, Electrican
Lona Baker, wife
Lenora Baker
Randolph Baker

Robt W Fratz

Mossie Fratz

Paul Fratz

Clarence Nelson

Ruth Nelson, wife
Clarence E Nelson
Margaret Nelson

Robert Cheek

Nancy Cheek

Charles Wilson

Margie Wilson

Scott R Sila

Nellie Sila
Perry Ragryd Sila
Raymond Sila
Tipton Sila
J C Sila
Viola Sila
Carolyen Sila

Rural Miracle

Beatrice Miracle

W T Miracle

Rufus Cheek

America Cheek
Lela Cheek
Lola Cheek
Rufus Cheek
Anna Lee Cheek

J W Walters

Myrtle Walters
James E Walters
William Walters

Ruth Spencer

Jo Alexander Spencer

George Cornelius
Rody Cornelius, wife
Cleo Cornelius
May Cornelius
June Cornelius
Lois Cornelius
Gertrude Cornelius
Harvey Cornelius

Joe Prater, miner
Gladys Prater ,wife
Ronald Prater
James Prater

Herbert Wilder

Mabel Wilder

Opal Nelson

Mabel Nelson

Richard J Marshall

Marie Marshall

Robert Gatliff

Mossie Gatliff

Thomas B Williams

Stella Williams, wife
Robert V Williams
Frances Williams
Edna Williams
Janet Williams
Kitty Williams

Robt Harkness

Jesse Harkness
Robert Harkness
Anna Harkness
Charles Harkness
Ruth Harkness

Bradley Cheek

Millie Cheek

Wanda Cheek

Charles Cheek

Ben F Alley

Lena Alley

Roy Alley

Howard Alley

Flora Mae Alley

Marshall Siler

Martha Siler

Bobby Jean Siler

Earl Alley

Ruby Alley

Harrell D Alley

Clarence Hightower

Eula Hightower
Aderton Hightower
Robert Hightower
Freeman Hightower
Randall Hightower
Elmo Hightower
Lousia Hightower
DeWayne Hightower

Noah Barton

Gladys Barton
Dorothy Barton
Hugh Barton
May Barton

S B Surgenor

Flora Surgenor

Elizabeth Surgenor

M L Brooks

Maggie Brooks
W T Brooks
Bessie Brooks
J L Brooks
Louise Brooks
Delories Brooks
Wendell Brooks

Morgen Deathrage

Jane Brooks

John W Green

Myrtle Green
Lucian Green
Sherwood Green
Betty Jo Green
Katherine Green
John Green

Clarence Eubanks

Roxie Eubanks

David Eubanks

Abe L Miracle

Sarah C Miracle
Ruby Miracle
Roy Miracle
Lora Ellen Miracle
Robina Miracle
Joe Wilder

Doris Wilder
Francer Wilder

J L Tugman

Nannie Tugman
Wm Tugman
Charles Tugman
James Tugman

F E Gilbert

Frances Gilbert

Geraldine Gilbert

Louis C Seward

Hester Seward

Myrtle Kirby

John Pumpuneys

Jan Campbell

Edna Wilder

Twila Wilder

Pg 40

John Dolcini
Katis Dolcini
Rosie Ellen Dolcini
Mary Louise Dolcini
John A Dolcini

Alexander Rassega
Gladys Rassega
Alex Rassega
Stramer Rassega
Jack Rassega
Joe Rassega

Lee Ramrey

Myrtle Ramrey

Inez Ramrey

Joe T Smallman
Ethel Smallman
Everett Smallman
Joe Smallman
Chas Smallman
Parl Smallman
Charley Parolari , miner
Bertha Parolari , wife
Helen Parolari
Norma Jean Parolari
Mary Louise Parolari
Dorothy Parolari
Charles Wm Parolari
Betty Ruth Parolari
Jo Ann Parolari

M D Davenport
Ritty Davenport

John Marion Davenport

Kenneth Davenport

Garrett Miracle
Katherine Miracle
Lama Miracle
Ethel Miracle
Josie Miracle
C Gilbert Miracle
Garrett Miracle
Loratta Miracle
Frances Miracle

Billy Boatwright

Rachel Boatwright

Maudy Boatwright

Andrew Sutherland
Lucy Sutherland
Arthur Sutherland

Herman Cornelius

Lily Cornelius

John Sumter

Mandie Sumter

Makalia Caldwell

Frank Edward Caldwell

Grace Mae Caldwell

Arthur Green

Minnie Green

Arthur Green

Mak Jean Green

Willys Green

Frank Sutherland
Grace Sutherland
Clifford Sutherland
Wilford Sutherland
Zola Sutherland
Elmer Sutherland
Alvin Sutherland

C L Franklin

Ruby Franklin

Joe Franklin

Wayne Franklin

Philip Franklin

David Franklin

Ira Rowlett
Minnie Rowlett
Theo Rowlett
Stalla Rowlett
Bessie Rowlett
Ruby Rowlett
Gladys Rowlett
Walter Rowlett
Clifford Rowlett

Elisha Money
Mollie Money
Mary Money

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Balkan People 1940